Bathrooms are a space our clients often want more advice and guidance on!

What they can update and how they can make it more functional… whilst also staying timeless.

Here are some of our top tips:

In any bathroom bench space is a necessary especially if you have teenagers or tweens! The surface of benchtops can include laminate, Stone, Timber or Acrylic. If you have space for a double vanity basin… you won’t regret it.

Regarding PowerPoints, at least 2 doubles is a must by the time you have a hairdryer, hair straighten, electric toothbrushes, electric shavers etc… they soon get used!

Double showers and doorless showers have taken off. In smaller bathrooms we are seeing a trend of no bath but if you have the space… there is nothing like a big bath to wind down and relax in after a long day.

Lighting / Heat
Lights and exhaust fans are a must for our climate, heat lamps for the warmth, light and the fan to protect the walls and ceilings from mould. We also recommend lighting around the mirror or an LED backlit mirror if you are looking for a statement piece.

The design choice around tiles is amazing! There are so many colours styles and textures now. They can be a showpiece a pop of colour or a lot of colour. Tile patten is another feature we are seeing… its not now just a case of a normal patterns, there is a lot more variety depending on the tiles chosen. These can include; Grid Pattern, Herringbone Patten, Staggered Brick Pattern, Stacked Vertical Pattern and Chevron Pattern plus many more!

Bathrooms are no longer a shut the door room… they are apart of your amazing home to be showcased to all!

If you would like more information on Renovating your bathroom send us an enquiry via the form below!